The most fulfilled people are good decision makers


Why are so many talented, hardworking, successful people feeling disengaged?

I was on the "right" path. I'd spent the first few years of my career in a coveted job in management consulting and had just begun a degree at a top business school. 

In my first class, the professor asked us to share a dream we had for our career. I was shocked to realize I didn't have one.  

That moment helped me see that I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and, worse, I didn't know how to know. I've since learned that I wasn't alone. Our schools and organizations teach us to be competent, but not content. As a result, many of us are wondering, "is this as good as it gets?"

I've now spent years researching and experimenting in order to understand how to actually "do" happiness. I've coached individuals and consulted and lead organizations to apply the insights of positive psychology and decision science to build deeply meaningful and as a result more successful lives, work and relationships.


We will waste most of our lives on activities that don't advance goals we don't care about.